Where In The World

Hey Travel Companions,

Where in the world have you been? Did you by chance meet the Pope? Have you visited the bronze African Renaissance Monument which boast to be over one-and-a-half times the height of the Statue of Liberty? No worries. I haven’t either. I do have goals and dreams.

While away from this blog I’ve accomplished another goal. I have finished my real estate exams making me qualified to apply for the license. To be clear, my final step is paying the license application fee and signing up with a Broker. I’ve meet all testing requirements. Because of my love of exploring it only makes to intertwine real estate into traveling.

I will keep you posted on what’s next, but till then HAPPY TRAVELS!

Man accidentally shops at Baby Gap

Wonder if he got a discount?


Forty-one-year-old Tom Evans told sources that “clothing sizes aren’t what they used to be.” Apparently, Mr. Evans went to The Gap to buy new clothes, but accidentally entered Baby Gap instead. He said that he tried on several clothing items but even the largest sizes were too small. He also expressed confusion about sizes with the letter “T” in it.

Although employees at the store were aware of the problem, they did not tell Mr. Evans due to their enjoyment watching him try to fit into toddler clothes. Mr. Evans finally purchased some cute onesies that he was able to squeeze into and stated, “Well, I didn’t know onesies were the new style, but hey I really like the one with the cute little yellow ducks on it.”

Image: alliexpress.com & posturedoonks.com 

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Frugal man celebrates birthday in Party City store

You’re all invited to my next party. Be sure to arrive after hours to ensure less interruption from those annoying store clerks.


Derek Hall, a local 31-year-old man who is reportedly a complete asshole when it comes to spending money, stated that he will celebrate his upcoming birthday at a local Party City retail store. Mr. Hall told sources, “It will be perfect, we can put on the the party hats and play with all the party stuff and then when the party is over we just put them back on the shelves. Bam, didn’t have to spend a single penny.”

Mr. Hall found out that the maximum capacity for the Party City store is 180 occupants, so he will probably invite 200 or so since some people will not attend. He also told sources that instead of purchasing a birthday cake, he went to Costco and just got all the free samples he could from the bakery department.

Images: www.independent.co.uk & www.stapleton.com

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North Korea promotes ‘Free Thinking Day’

Too funny not to share

In order to help improve relations with other countries, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appeared on state run media stating his intentions to create a national “Free Thinking Day.” Jong-un reported that on this specific day all North Korean citizens will be allowed to “think freely” amongst themselves; however, citizens are prohibited from sharing or communicating their thoughts in any way.

Jong-un also provided a list of mandatory topics that North Korean citizens must think about, which range from why North Korea is the best place in the world to live to how awesome Jong-un’s haircut is.

Image: i.dailymail.co.uk

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 It has come to my attention that I’m in retirement. I haven’t posted anything to this blog in over a month. I have numerous business ideas that haven’t received any follow up on my part.

 What is consistent in my life is the drive to see others close to me succeed. My children, husband, and friends. I make my children study hard. I call my husband out when he slacks off on taking care of himself. I forget sometimes people only want me to listen. It’s in my nature to help anyone with a problem.

This blog was suppose to help me. I honestly thought it was better to start with something I love- vacations. Rookie mistake I know. Running out to the Internet, setting up a blog without  a plan, only to crash and burn later!

To date I realize either you do or you don’t. Just make a decision. Get a plan and execute it. Retirement looks great, but my reality has so much more to offer.

Out of Focus


 I really enjoy snapping photos of nature. My body feels warm all over and my smile becomes bright as the sun. Scientists say it’s Oxytocin hormones or something. I call it food for my soul. 

I am blessed to enjoy my hobby without pressure or expectations to capture anything in particular. All I need is my Nikkon, a tank of gas, acceptable weather, and a willing husband driving me around. There is no check in counter, delayed departure or arrival. Every seat is first class and meals are negotiable. 

Point, focus, shoot. Enjoy:)